Aligot, delicious Aveyron speciality

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The aligot is a traditional meal of North-Aveyron, the area of Aubrac. It is a mix of mashed potatoes and fresh tome, a cheese from the Aubrac region. To obtain a perfect Aligot, you need to turn it again and again with a wooden spoon and get the prefect texture.

The aligot is a historic dish in Aubrac. It is the great specialty of Nord-Aveyron. The aligot holds not only to the belly, it holds in sympathy. The aligot that was once a subsistence dish has become a festive dish. It is also called the ribbon of friendship, because of the “ribbon” made by the Aligot when you hold the spoon high above the plate. Like the fondue Savoyarde, the aligot, by its own ceremonial, strengthens the friendship between the guests and debrides the cordiality. You can buy or taste Aligot on the markets of Aveyron and in all traditional festivals. You can also taste it at les Genêts campsite as we organise several Aligot evenings in our restaurant during the summer.

Don’t miss the opportunity to taste our Aveyron tasty speciality.

If you want to cook aligot yourself when you’re back home, here is a recipe… not too difficult to do but you’ll need some Tome de l’Aubrac cheese to do it well. You can change quantities depending of how many and how hungry you are !

1200 g of peeled potatoes
450 g of fresh tome de l’aubrac cheese
240 g of thick crème fraîche
3 garlic cloves
salt and pepper

Clean and peel potatoes. Peel the garlic cloves and cut them in 2. Cook the potatoes in salted water with garlic cloves (start with cold water). 20 minutes of cooking when the water is boiling.
Cut the cheese in small cubes. It is has to be ready when potatoes are cooked.
When potatoes are cooked, take away the garlic cloves and mash well the potatoes.
Add the crème fraîche with a wooden spoon. On a low heat cooking add the cheese and mix it well. The goal is not to cook but to melt the cheese.
When you feel pain in your arms 🙂 you must have a string of cheese and mashed potatoes. Add salt and pepper and enjoy !!!!

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