Jumilhac Castle in Dordogne

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Jumilhac-le-Grand is a village of Dordogne, situated 40 minutes driving from campsite Château le Verdoyer. In this village you’ll discover a beautiful Castle, built between the 13th and 17th centuries. With the Saint-Yrieix castle, 8 miles away, it was part of a defensive line against Saracens, Visigoths, Normans or English. Through centuries its military goal disappeared and it changed a lot. During Renaissance, especially, its style moved from a fortress to a segneurial residence for the Marquess of Jumilhac. At this time, the castle got covered with somptuous roofs. These ones have been decorated with ridges whose shapes are allegories for lord power and alchemy. Alchemy is a theme dear to actual owner’s heart, Henri de la Tour du Pin.

A visit with the Marquess

He is the heir of the marquess of Jumilhac. He is also the one who will guide you through the castle and its secrets. He will explain you links between the castle and alchimy mysteries and philosopher stone. He will point you the numerous symbols in the castel, especially in the “Chambre de la Fileuse” ( the room of the spinner). For him, this room might have been the office of the Alchemist.

More than the links between the castle and the alchemy, Henri de la Tour du Pin will introduce you to the castle and its family history and you will visit the “Grand Salon”, the living room of the castle. This beautiful panelled room with a floor in the Versailles style is decorated with hunting paintings. It also has a majestic fireplace. The Louis XIII style stairs and the kitchen with its coppery pots and pans will be other interesting parts of your visit of Jumilhac Castle.

Beautiful Gardens

Outside of the castle, you’ll discover beautiful gardens à la française with a fountain in the middle. You can also admire them from a balcony that gives you a high angle view. You can also wander in the landscaped alleys.

To get more information about Jumilhac Castle you can visit its website or come to ask us at reception of campsite Château le Verdoyer.

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