Jaunay Lake

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The Jaunay Lake is a large lake of 114 hectares situated not far from the beaches of Vendée. Campsite Village la Guyonnière is on its shores. The lake is famous for its wildlife. It is, indeed, a place where migratting birds love to stop. Walking around the lake you might see many animals that will make the delight of wildlife photographers : frogs, otters, owls, kingfisher, heron, etc. There is a bridge at Moulin des Rochelles, in la Chapelle Hermier, which is a very good spot to observe wildlife.

To discover the wildlife of Jaunay Lake, 6 walking paths with picnic areas are accessible around the lake. One of them is during the whole tour of the lake. Several times a week, with my two sons Thys and Piet, I take you for early jogging of 10  kilometers or for a mountain bike tour of 35 kilometers.

La Vallée du Jaunay from Le Moulin à Pixels Productions on Vimeo.

The lake is also very appreciated for fishing. Yu can catch many varieties of fishs such as pike, carp, perch, etc.

Family will also love the lake with its water sports. On its shores, there are leisure areas where you can rent canoe, pedal boats or sailing boats. It is forbidden to swim or to use motor boat.

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