Le Mont Gerbier de Jonc, the birth of the Loire river

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The Mont Gerbier de Jonc, 1551 meters high, is one of the symbol of northern Ardèche and one the most famous volcano in France. Being a bit chauvinistic, I would even say the most famous in France. It is part of a group of volcanos we call “sucs” in Ardèche. The other famous sucs of Ardèche are Mont Mézenc, suc de Montfol or suc Sara.

With the springs of 3 creeks (L’authentique, la Véritable and la Géographie), it gives birth to the Loire. You might be surprised to see that these narrow streams, almost invisible at their origin, become the longest river of France.

The rocky mount stands in a green landscape of the Ardeche plateau. Walking to the top of the mount is quite easy but you’ll need to have good shoes. A walking path takes you to the top and you use another path to get down. Some parts of the walks are a bit more difficult but they are secured with ropes. Nevertheless the effort is worthy has you’ll enjoy a fantastic 360° view on Ardèche. When the weather is good, you can even see the Mont Blanc and the Alps. The bravest one will try to reach the top before sunrise and enjoy an unforgettable moment when the sun appears on the horizon.

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