Bird Festival in Abbeville, Somme Bay

Every year, in April, ABBEVILLE organizes its FESTIVAL OF THE BIRD. Nine days, from April 11 to 19, 2020, during which BIRD WATCHING enthusiasts gather for nature walks, exhibitions, screenings of animal films, etc. The festival is held in Abbeville, a stone’s throw from the CAMPING CHATEAU LES TILLEULS, but the events take place throughout the NORTHERN FRANCE REGION, even if the bulk of the activities and activities on offer take place in the BAIE DE SOMME. A reminder that the Somme Bay is a true sanctuary for migratory birds with more than 300 species that can be admired in the MARQUENTERRE PARC.

Night shows on the streets of Abbeville

Whether you’re an ornithologist or just interested in wildlife, don’t miss this festival. And even if you’re not interested in birds, the nightly opening and closing shows on the streets of Abbeville are worth a visit.

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